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Know Your Rights and Let the Best Offshore Injury Lawyers Handle Your Case

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The Right to Have Medical Care and Recover

It doesn’t matter whether the accident is caused by your own mistake or due the company negligence. Once a worker is found injured on the working site, the company must provide medical attention for the worker immediately. Your employer is also obligated to reimburse every medical bill that you pay with your own pocket.

Besides getting medical care, you also have the rights to recover. Some injuries cannot be healed in a day or two. There are cases where the injuries are very severe that the worker needs to recover and get rehabilitation for months. You need to be aware that the company is not allowed to force you to go back to work if you are not fully healed yet. Even if you cannot go to work for months, the company also doesn’t have the rights to fire you. So, if you are forced to quit work due to your injuries, call your offshore injury lawyer immediately to settle the case.

The Right to Refuse Quick Settlement

Some companies might force their injured workers to settle the matter quickly without involving any lawsuits. It mostly happens in big offshore companies because offshore injury lawsuit can affect their reputation negatively. They will offer settlement money to resolve the matter quietly. However, the amount simply doesn’t match the severity of your injury and trauma.

You have the rights to refuse what your employer asks and you also don’t have any obligation to sign any settlement documents. As a matter of fact, you have the rights to discuss the amount of compensation you want to receive from the company and make sure that the number is suitable with what the law has regulated. If you are not confident in discussing this matter, your offshore injury lawyer can do it for you.

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