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The Benefits of Hiring Offshore Injury Lawyer to Deal with Injury Due to Unseaworthiness

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It is very important for maritime workers to know have the contact of at least one offshore injury lawyer. Maritime work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and there are many cases where the workers are injured while working on-site.

In such a dangerous working environment, sometimes accident just happens without anyone’s fault. But there are also cases where the accident happens due to the negligence of the employer or the ship owner. This is where things can get complicated because the employer or ship owner might deny the claim of negligence.

About Unseaworthiness Claim

Maritime law requires employer and ship owners to provide a safe working environment for the workers by making sure that the vessels and its components are working properly. They also must be in good shape so that the workers can perform their duties safely. If the employer and ship owner fail to do this, their vessel will be deemed “unseaworthy.” And if their negligence to maintain their vessel caused injuries to the workers, the injured workers can file unseaworthiness claim.

If you are injured due to unseaworthiness, your employer must compensate you and pay for your medical treatments. If you think the severity of your injury makes you worthy of bigger compensation and your employer refuse your request, you can ask an offshore injury lawyer to represent you.

There are also many cases where the companies refuse to admit that the injuries are caused by their negligence. It usually happens when the vessel itself is in a remarkable condition, but some smaller components are not properly maintained.